Cape Paterson to Double in Size?

In 2011 Matthew Guy as Planning Minister massively expanded Cape Paterson’s town boundary against the community’s wishes and his own department’s advice. The current town boundaries will almost triple the future size of Cape Paterson.

In 2018 Dan Andrews promised, if re-elected, to protect Bass Coast from overdevelopment. He referred to the Cape Paterson town boundary as “grossly expanded” and promised to “tighten town boundaries” to protect the environment, landscape and local lifestyle. (See the Media Release).

Our community has lodged thousands of submissions since 2011 to try to get this “grossly expanded” Northern town boundary reduced. The response has been weasel words, or “please lodge a submission”, with no response to the strategic arguments made for a boundary reduction.  

Why Are We Worried?

The current town boundaries, expanded in 2011, will allow developers access to the large area of land north of Seaward Drive, Cape Paterson. We believe this will ruin the unique coastal village feel of Cape Paterson, and turn it into a suburb, much like places along Victoria's surf coast.

The draft Statement of Planning Policy (SPP) glosses over the shortfalls in existing infrastructure - how will it service our town when it currently doesn’t support 1000 houses let alone 2000.

There are still houses yet to be built and occupied at “The Cape”. Planning guidelines support large-scale development in designated “high-growth” areas such as Wonthaggi, not in coastal villages.

What Can I do Right Now?

Support the Boundary reduction by: participating in the DAL hearing process
The hearings were closed by the Chair of the Standing Advisory Committee on 27 April.
Thanks to all of the parties who presented concerning Cape Paterson
The Standing Advisory Committee (SAC) appointed by the Minister for Planning will now consider the information received in the 2022 submissions and the March - April hearings in response to the Bass Coast Draft Statement of Planning Policy (Draft SPP) released in March 2022 and prepare a report advising on the content of the Final Bass Coast  SPP. which should be submitted to the Minister in late June 2023. This report will be considered by the Minister and they will release a final Statement of Planning Policy (SPP)for at a future time (no time limit)
The Bass Coast Council met on 21 February 2024 voting 6 votes to 2 to recommend not to extend the protected settlement boundary north of Seaward Drive.

Coastal ecology and suburban development don’t go together!

A larger population = more feral animals, more feral weeds and a worse impact on our environment.