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Saturday 13 May 2023

Aim for this Working Bee:

This month we're concentrating on the coastal reserve opposite The Channel Store. It's on the other side of the path from the heathland that we've been successful in restoring after the 2003(?) fire. We'll mostly be pulling / cutting / lopping coastal tea tree and coastal wattle. We'd made a start on this some years ago and it's work that should continue.

Report by

Pete Muskens

11 hardy souls embraced the glorious sunshine to cut, grub out and lop invasive ti - tree (and coastal wattle) from the heathland on the east side of the Channel path. Approximately 9 cubic meters of vegetation was taken or dropped in situ. It had been 8 years since our last venture on this site and we effectively managed to get most of the regrowth in the area last covered. The thriving communities of small coastal banksias, casuarina and pink heath were signs that previous work has been successful. It was noted that a working bee should be scheduled to cover the western side of the path sometime this year.
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